Christmas 2012

It is Christmas Eve, early in the morning.  I should make a list of everything that needs doing today, so I am not frantically trying to do everything at once tomorrow.  My older friend and neighbor, Pope, is coming for Christmas dinner tomorrow and I hope to have a good meal prepared.  He is highly appreciative of anything I cook, good incentive!

Today I will:  open a couple of quarts of cherries I canned last spring and remove the pits so I can make a cherry pie.  I will make the whipped cream and store it so it will be done, ready to serve with the cherry pie.  I will precook the sweet potatoes and the green beans, so all I will have to do is reheat them tomorrow.  The small pork tenderloin will marinate overnight in some savory herbs.  Tomorrow, once it is at room temperature, it will take less than an hour to bake.  This meal is going to be simple.  Gone are the days of prepping a huge spread!  The biggest chore will be pulling those pits out of the cherries.

I heard on the radio at 5:30 a.m. that tomorrow there is a chance for two to five inches of snow.  Winter thus far has been relatively mild.  Snow falling and blanketing everything is always a lovely sight, especially when the wood stove is stoked and burning well.  I do hope it actually gets here!

The 21 of December came and went, and although I am certain there were things that happened around the world, I was not aware of much being very different.  In my world, I hope to initiate some change, which is going to involve doing some things differently.  There will not be any New Year’s Resolutions written down, but I will make an effort to remember what I wish to change.  I hope that we all somehow find a way to get past all our differences and embrace and care for all that we share:  the air we breathe, the soil we till, the water we have, and all life on this planet.  May the New Year bring in renewal of our collective human spirit and may our thoughts bring about compassion, creativity, and universal, unconditional, impersonal love and goodwill.  Wishing anyone who reads this all the blessings possible and I wish this for myself, as well, in peace, love, and light.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Simple and wonderful! Warm Christmas wishes to you too, Tina!

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