Dreams, Sounds, and Numbers

It is early morning, still dark out, light from the waning moon reflects onto the foliage I see through the window.  I have been semi-awake for about thirty minutes, remembering my dreams, and listening to the sound of a tree frog.  It is a cool morning; I am warm and cozy in my bed, but I get up, needing to write down what has come to mind.

I preface writing about my dream with this:  Whenever I remember a symbol-filled dream, I see it as my Higher Self speaking to me, giving me information I need right now.   The initial part of the dream was seeing my knee on my right leg, which I injured six years ago. The knee represents connection with my Higher Self, and the right leg represents the male aspect of me proceeding along my path.

Six years ago, as I walked across my lawn, feeling very negative about an exchange I had just had with someone, my dogs, as they played rambunctiously, rammed into me and knocked me down .  I hit the ground, grasping my right leg; the pain was excruciating.  As I tried to stand up and walk, my right leg would not work.  The result of this “accident” was an operation about four days later.  The doctor pushed a piece of bone back in place, put an L-shaped brace up against it, and drilled three long screws through brace and bone to strengthen the damaged area.  It took about four months to heal.  Over the years, it bothered me a bit, and I wondered if I should have the brace and screws removed.  In my dream, I saw the metal screw backing out from the side of my leg, at the right of my knee.  As it emerged through the flesh, the wound healed over.  My Higher Self had my attention.

The dream continued. I was encountering a man I knew in Austin many years ago.  He was young again, and still the same delightful person I remember from those happy-go-lucky days.  We hugged each other; it was a joyful reunion.  He handed me a key ring with a key on it and said he had stopped by to return it to the other man in my dream (also a man from my past).  I told him I would give him the key.  When the second man appeared, at first I hesitated, then I gave him the key ring.  He did not seem to care, just looked at it as he held it in his hand.  He knew it belonged to him, but it held no significance.

When I knew these two men, they were so different, personality-wise.   I knew them on a very superficial level, through a couple of different groups of people with whom I had very little social contact.  I knew them both in Austin.

From back in the day, I remembered the first man as always kind, funny, friendly, communicative, and openly affectionate.  Although I saw him only in public, I felt safe in his company, within any exchange.  I knew, without a doubt, he was a loving human being.  In my dream world, he represented the male figure I could always trust to never threaten or dominate me.  Today, I still consider him a friend, even though I never see him or communicate with him.

The other man in my dream was someone with whom I worked while living in Austin.  I saw him daily, witnessed his erratic mood changes and how he could be friendly one moment and then caustic and unkind within the hour.  We had a mutual attraction, but I sensed him to be dangerous.  I could never quite relax around him and was always on “red alert” whenever I might be in the same room with him.  I cared about him, but I feared him.  I cannot say that, were I to see him today, he would greet me as a friend.  In my dream, he represented the sort of man I should avoid at all costs, despite how I might find him intriguing.

As I allowed this dream to fade, I became aware of the chirping of a tree frog outside my windows.  I involuntarily heard myself counting the “chirps.”  One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.  It chirped again, a count of eight times.  A third time, it chirped eight times.  I listened and counted as the frog chirped five times, at least twice. Then it chirped another eight times, then five.  It chirped seven times, then nine times.  It chirped six times, then two times, then six times, then seven times, and after it chirped nine times, I did not hear it anymore.

I decided I needed to get up and write all of this down.  It felt as though not only was my Higher Self telling me something through my dream, it was also using sound to reinforce, to confirm that which I was being told to remember.  The sequences of the tree frog chirpings seemed significant.  I jotted down notes so that I would not forget.  Later, I went to my neighbor, Pope, who does numerology.  I shared what I could recall of my dream and the tree frog.  He helped put it into perspective.

The eight draws attention, in this case, to the Higher Self.  That I heard the eight-count three times in a row signifies communication, creativity, sociability, and joy.  Five times the frog chirped, twice.  The five has to do with change and personal freedom.  Hearing this twice has to do with my relationship and connectivity to my Higher Self, represented by the next eight chirps.  Another five chirps, change will come about through wisdom, represented by the frog’s next seven chirps, and bring about the nine, representing the old sage, old healer, the peak of service to others.  Then the tree frog chirped six times, bringing to mind universal, impersonal love; chirped two times, indicating this Reality as the active part of relationships.  I heard the chirping six more times, focusing on universal, impersonal love, moving into the seven chirping sounds, which brought to mind wisdom which, when applied wisely, will produce the greatest service to others through healing and teaching, signified by the last nine chirps of the tree frog.

Hey, I can hear you thinking, “These are some crazy people!”  No, we are just attuned, and this morning’s communication was wonderful, simple, and direct.  I see that I am healing, that my conscious self is in touch with my Higher Self, and that I am learning to know personal freedom and change via impersonal, universal love, which brings about wisdom, and ultimately, the greatest service to others.  As to the men in my dream, I see that I now know how to recognize the kind of relationship that is most beneficent, the most healing, and the most universally, impersonally loving.

I have heard that whatever it is I need to learn will show up in my life, and, without fail, will confront me, teach me.  My friend, my neighbor Pope, says we choose our names, our parents, our circumstances of birth, before we come in to any lifetime.  From another dimension, we plan our next lifetime. Within our names, we give ourselves clues to remind us of what we need to learn.  Through the years, I have come to see how right he is.  (On my Home page click on Pope’s website or go to http://www.popegoodsonsnumerology.com.)

Today has been sunny, cool, and unencumbered.  Thank goodness for deep sleep, remembered dreams, a chirping tree frog, and a neighbor who is generous with his wisdom and time!

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