Stepping Through the Door

This afternoon I went to the garden to check on things.  The turnips and beets I planted the other day are already sprouting.  The sunflowers are still blooming and the zinnias are too.  I love seeing the colors of red, pink, and yellow!  When I looked at the tomato patch, more fruit had ripened since yesterday.  The rain clouds were overhead, and when I looked up, I could see they might just move on past us.  Unwilling to chance it, I called the rain with some singing, “Come on, rain!  We call you, we need you, and the ground wants to feel you! Come rain, come! The plants and the forest and critters all need you, so come on rain! Come!”  I walked about with my watering can, singing, knowing I was heard, and giving water to anything that looked a bit thirsty.  I felt confident the rain would come, so I went to the house.

As I sat with my book and had a coffee, I heard the wind blowing through the trees.  The chapter I was reading was about toning, how sound is the basis of everything, and how toning affects everyone, every circumstance.  My singing out had been heard; the rain was here.  I could hear the first drops on my metal roof, and gradually the sound of rain was louder, along with thunder.  I unplugged my phone and computer, turned on a lamp and read to the lovely sound of rain and wind in the trees.

Later on, as the rain subsided, I went back online and found yet another thoughtful question from David in reference to my writing from a day ago.  He has been sending me questions ever since I posted “Changing My Thoughts.”  This latest question took me into a realm I like best: thoughts and experiences around the supposed unknown, the mystery of being here, stepping through the door.

David’s words:

“No one knows why the heart beats.  Is this energy coming through us from another dimension? – a dimension that has the intent of being held in a constraint we call time and three dimensions, so that we may be concentrated in a certain learning pattern?  Those life lessons that come revisiting your mind and emotions – is it possible to see them as part of an intent to learn something, something of great import?  Beauty and miracles surround us, and always have, even in our distracted travail.  Can we loosen the mental strictures long enough to glimpse, see our true situation, our true nature?”

This question about energy and whether or not we receive it from another dimension is something I have always found meaningful, most relevant.  Why is this so?  It is due to something that I experienced one night, more than forty years ago, as I laid in bed, shaking involuntarily.

I had just crawled into my bed after  having witnessed a baggie suddenly be filled with air, and upon my reaching forth my hand and catching it as it floated downward, felt a total-body shock go through me.  It literally shook me through and through!  I could not stop shaking as I pulled the covers over me, staring into the dark, wide-eyed, thinking and thinking, trying to understand what had just happened.  A new thought arrived:  “Whatever that was, it has as much a right to be here as I do!”  Suddenly, upon hearing this thought in my head, the involuntary trembling subsided and I became aware of something coming close to both sides of my face.  They were hands, tenderly, ever so gently cupping my face.  Mind you, I had no one else in this cabin with me, but someone was with me, streaming love energy into me via a pair of hands on my face.  My next thoughts were, “Gabriel? God?”  And then it seemed that just as suddenly, I was slipping into a very deep sleep, as though the shades had been drawn and everything was dark, cozy, and safe.

Maybe it is the chill in the air that comes with a rainy night, but as I write this, I have that inner shivering happening in my stomach.  I yawn, much like the dogs do when they are slightly uncomfortable.  Please do not label me “Crazy person!”  I can hear you!

This was just one of my several encounters with the inexplicable.  Now, so many years later, my memory of it simply helps me accept that energy and other dimensions are ever present and not separate from this “reality” called the third dimension.  And yes, to answer the rest of David’s question, I see every thought, experience, circumstance, and elicited emotion as an opportunity to learn, as well as to recall so much we have forgotten.

We are here to love.  This is our beauty, our miracle, our true nature.

We are here to remember this.  This is the only reason we come in, over and over again, lifetime after lifetime, until we sufficiently remember and act out of this deeply ingrained knowledge.  Our third dimension is dense, heavy, and seemingly chaotic and complex.  We take on layers and layers of stuff, beginning with childhood, and we carry it for years, sometimes never even realizing how weighted down we live.  Those glimpses into our true nature come and go, and if we start to awaken, it is a challenge to stay with this path; we have so much with which to contend.  We forget, then are nudged, reminded, feel a bit enlightened, and then forget again for a while.  Maybe we actually leave this lifetime without truly remembering our initial purpose for being here.  No problem.  We just come back again.  There is no time limit.  It is here that we buy in to time and space.  When we are not here, we have an overview of what we need to “get,” and we take the next leap in.  The great thing about it all is that we will always have the opportunity to learn, grow, and eventually remember who we truly are.  We are Energy manifesting.  Some remember sooner, perhaps, than others.  It matters not.  We are each doing the best we can, be it sleep-walking or being alive and sensitive to all that our senses permit.  This includes our intuition, which is in everyone.  Intuition is buried deep within us and some are more attuned.  It is one more aspect of reality with which we are blessed.

When I succumb to my own memory bank, and have a knee-jerk reaction to my memory-based thoughts, I have learned, of late, that I can passively hear my thoughts and release them.  I do not have to give these thoughts and emotions too much importance.  It is as though a door appears through which I may pass toward freedom.  I find I can feel compassion for all involved.  With the understanding that I need not judge, but rather, that I can forgive is a great relief.  To happen upon this intangible door through which I may step allows me to see that I actually do love, am loved, and need never fear.  Some things may remain a mystery, but there will come a time, I feel sure, I shall fathom that which I cannot grasp now.

I know there are books out here/there that address this All more completely.  My under-standing is minute, I am certain, and it is a stretch for me to feel I make a bit of sense, yet obviously, I think I know something, even if I do not have the words with which to convey whatever it is I know.  Am I a little closer to a meeting of minds with David and all his questions?  Who knows?  In any case, thank you for the nudges, David.

At this point, I must stop, for the night is turning into the early morning, and I have a new, sunny day ahead of me, as well as a new opportunity to keep on digging, feeling, learning, remembering, and stepping through the door.

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2 Responses to Stepping Through the Door

  1. David Price says:

    Two things come to mind. The first is a quote I saw recently, to the effect that our body is our soul manifest; therefore our guides as to what the soul needs and wants in this world are given continuously to us by our physical being. It knows when we’re living the life we came for–and when we’re not. So the practice of listening to the body puts you on your most meaningful path.
    The second thing has to do with the heart. When we discover our own heart as a source of compassion and love, we suddenly realize that the flow goes both ways–inwardly as well as outwardly. I don’t know if it’s just our unevolved state that makes it seem normal to live with a constricted heart, but when it finally breaks open, whether through some spiritual practice or through life’s hard lessons, there is a quantum shift in how we show up in the world.

    • admin says:

      This makes complete sense to me, our body being our guide. The trouble is that most identify themselves as being only the body, when actually, we are Soul, Who has a body. Of course, there are those who somehow think the body is inferior, to not be given that much consideration, which always hits me as strange. Also, to somehow discount emotions as only physical, so therefore, to not be given that much credence. Thank goodness for the heart, eh?! I do not know that the normal “constricted” heart has to do with evolution as much as it does with simply waking up, being able to be quiet enough, long enough, often enough in order to notice something different.
      Maybe I have just been evolving. Whatever it is called, am glad for it.

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