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Learning Discernment

Discernment eludes me, over and over, as I keep subjecting myself to opportunities to determine if whether or not I should believe the words of others. Once again someone appeared on my doorstep with all the good-sounding words of his … Continue reading

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Nobody Ever Really Knows

Nobody ever really knows what is going on with another fellow human.  One can appear to have it all, to be incredibly gifted, have a wonderful life, have great kids, be living one’s passion.  And yet, one may be suffering … Continue reading

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Greeting the Dawn

It is still dark out; the dawn is near.   I spent the night drifting in and out of sleep, sitting in my favorite chair, watching and listening to programming on the Public Broadcasting Service.  I finally roused myself at three-thirty … Continue reading

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Dream Change

The sun shines brightly here, and there is a slight breeze rattling the dead leaves in the trees.  Dreams early this morning are already beyond the reach of my memory, but in present time “reality,” I sense a change in … Continue reading

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Up Before Dawn

This morning I was up before dawn.  I have not had any calls to go to work for a week now, and thought that perhaps the office would ring me today.  In order to be ready to go, I would … Continue reading

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