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Death and the Present

This week I have been challenged to stay in the present.  Here is why. Sixteen years ago today was the eve of my mother’s 85th birthday, and as I went to bed that night at 10:00 p.m., I thought of … Continue reading

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Voices Calling Out!

One voice in seven billion, how can it make any difference?  This planet populated by at least seven billion people is teetering on the brink of annihilation.  That is what I understand, reading the posts of the few I see … Continue reading

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The Elderly One

My client today was an elderly one I helped in the past.  I thought of her these last few years sometimes, driving past the turn that takes one to her small house, a mile down in the woods.  “I wonder … Continue reading

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First Day of Fall

It is so bright out, this first day of fall.  I just left the garden, where for the last hour I have been carting loads of hay to the three beds I tilled yesterday.  I got too hot, and decided … Continue reading

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Canning and Writing

I spent the day canning more salsa; it took hours to end up with three and a half quarts!  No matter, for time means nothing to me these days.  It is just a pleasure to be here.  I usually spend … Continue reading

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Up Before Dawn

This morning I was up before dawn.  I have not had any calls to go to work for a week now, and thought that perhaps the office would ring me today.  In order to be ready to go, I would … Continue reading

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Cool, Damp, and Thankful

The fall is here, ushered in with several rainy days.  It is cool and damp this morning.  The forest stands still and green; the trees that died this summer due to the drought stand out, brown leaves identifying them.  Already … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Bat

Late last night as I sat at my computer, I heard my cats jumping about at the end of the room, as though trying to catch something.  I had only the light from the computer screen available, so I reached … Continue reading

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Wisdom and Insecurity

The word, “insecurity,” usually does not imply having wisdom.  Most insecure persons are perhaps fearful, with low self-esteem, in need of a boost of self-confidence.  I know I have been this person.  But now, it is different.  Something has changed.

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Tuning In

I am tuning in to my son singing his song, “The Fall.”  I can listen to it repeatedly, never tiring of his added harmonies, the emotion in his voice, his guitar playing, and his lyrics.

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