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Can Some Things Change?

Can some things change?  Some things never change.  The dogs missed us, and were happy to see us, and the cats came around my legs to tell me they were ready to have their food bowls refilled.  My neighbor drove … Continue reading

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Dream Change

The sun shines brightly here, and there is a slight breeze rattling the dead leaves in the trees.  Dreams early this morning are already beyond the reach of my memory, but in present time “reality,” I sense a change in … Continue reading

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The hummingbirds and geese fly south for the winter, without fail.  Without fail, every fall around Thanksgiving, I get the urge to go back to Texas.  What is that?  I think it is my secret method of rediscovering my attitude … Continue reading

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The Lull Before the Storm

There is a lull before the storm, felt in the quiet, slightly damp, not too cool air of the early morning.  It warmed up this week, and it was good to have a break from keeping a fire built.  This … Continue reading

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