About Me

Born and raised in Venezuela, I grew up in a family of six: two older sisters and one younger, and of course, my parents, who were both originally from Texas.  We had an unusual upbringing, my sisters and I, and we often talk about the book we need to write.  My parents were intent on seeing that each of us received a good education, so by the time we individually reached the age of fourteen, we each left home to attend boarding school in the United States.  St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas was my home away from home for those years of high school.

Once sent away, I never again lived at home with my parents.  I came home a few times for at most, three months, and after I was eighteen, I never returned to Venezuela.  I spent the next twenty-three years living in Austin.

Within ten years, I married and divorced twice, brought in two children, a daughter, Eya Floyd, and a son, Christopher Plowman.   From then on, I was a single mother who worked most of the time.  Austin, by 1988, was becoming, in my estimation, over populated.  After a weekend visit to the Ozarks that summer, a year later my family and I moved to northwest Arkansas.  Eventually we moved out on to the land where I now live.  My children grew up, followed their hearts, and left home.  Today they are on their own paths.

I live on eighty acres that are in trust, in a hand-built cabin, where I get to witness the changing seasons.  Quiet and solitude come with living off grid down in the woods.  Of late, I find more time to explore that which I most love doing, which turns out to be writing, along with gardening, reading, and just hanging out in my hammock from Venezuela on my front porch, musing on life, the world, and what may be in store for humanity.  I live a blessed life, albeit challenged at times, with a strong desire to share a new way of living.

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