Motivation and Heart


“What is it that could be motivating them so much, so much where they have also sacrificed so much for their beliefs, for their agenda, for their evil plot of destruction and their quest for more money, power and control? They stop at nothing…”

This is the question you have asked us to comment on.

This is something I have also asked, in my own mind, as I listen to the “news,” or observe how people “act,” on stage, in daily interaction with each other, in the media, in our courts, on the street, and all those places I rarely encounter because I have retreated, that I may know some peace.

Somehow, and it is not too difficult to fathom, so many have forgotten from whence they come.  After jumping into the density of this 3rd dimension, lifetime after lifetime, it became and becomes less and less a priority to remember the original Light that we were/are part of, and that we chose/choose to leave, for a while, in order to experience something else. Of course, among us are many beings of Light, Avatars, who came in, and are here now, to try to remind us of our origin.  Jesus was one of these.  So there are those who revere him, put him on a pedestal, when actually, he just meant to help us remember who we truly are:  Beings of Light, spiritual beings first, with free will and choices to make, preferably the choice to walk the path of universal, impersonal, unconditional love.  But alas, the drama of the “push-pull” was/is already in full swing.  Most of us did not (and still do not) wish to take responsibility for our part in this drama.  Now, I should not speak of this as though I am not also a part of this drama.  I have had my own lifetimes where I obviously failed to remember my Source.  Each day is a new challenge, in some ways, to remember, coming out of deep sleep to meet a new day.

I lived a multitude of lifetimes, in which I “bought into” the density and illusion of this dimension.  This lifetime, however, has been an eye-opener for me.  I have been blessed with information and nudges that have come to me since my childhood that tell me everything is not as it seems.  The last thirty years or more have been intensely interesting, with loads of lessons, as well as information channeled in through people who have been full of love and willing to share.

Meanwhile, madness escalates in this world.  The ones in “power,” who are so relentless in their efforts to control everyone, have forgotten who truly they are.  They too are part of the Infinite Source of Creation, except they do not really think it matters.  It is like the contradiction the majority of the human population lives, in relation to “nature.”  Although this may be changing, the majority see “nature” as something separate, to be feared, controlled, tamed.  Thus, through this fear, “nature” is being destroyed.  Of course, this means man is also on the brink of self-destruction, all brought about by his attitude of separation, fear, and lack of love.  The love that is somewhere buried is not being felt, remembered, taken seriously, and thus, not recognized and lived.  In desperation many cling to religious figures for salvation, not realizing that it already exists within them/us.  We are not separate from All That Is, or God, or Infinite Creator.  Nor are we separate from each other.  Some choose to recognize this and others (the majority) choose to ignore it.  Those who have the “power” on this planet are deluded, choosing to ignore this fact, and instead, think they are the ones who are to create whatever it is that suits them, and only them and their cohorts.  The rest of the world, in their not-so-humble-at-all opinions, can either subject themselves to them (these control freaks, these fear-mongers) or just be annihilated.  They have lost track that when one is harmed, he who is harming will also be harmed.  We are part of the ONE.  When the people of this planet, all of us, wake up and realize this is key to the change we need here, we shall truly be free to take right action.  This is how those words, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” are meaningful, right?

It is as you say, over and over, why fear, when the highest form of reality is LOVE?  Action based on love is all it will take to change the path humanity is on, not fear.

Perversions of the mind, (described over and over in the channeled book, A New Way of Living, by the scribe, Ventris Nukayis) are the downfall of mankind, as well as the lack of faith in All That Is, which needs renewing on a daily basis.  However, the Brotherhood of Light is always with us, and I see the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light as being the same as the Brotherhood of Light.  We are blessed that you are with us.

I sit here in my isolation, living my life, feeling my way upon my path, and through writing, hope to reach others, help somehow with the awakening that so needs to happen (and is happening, in many, to be sure).

I write from my heart.  Care to share?


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