Reading Between the Lines

Learning to read “between the lines” apparently takes a lifetime, although we all do this from early on; it takes a while to consciously do so.  It also takes some gumption to decide to believe what you see there, because it sometimes is not a very pleasant level of awareness.  However, as I get older, I am more willing to take what I see as valid, despite how another might argue against “my take” on things.

Ultimately, each travels his or her path in life learning at whatever pace they must, and it does not really matter what another may think, discern, or judge.  One person’s “reality” is not related to mine; it is beyond anybody’s scope of understanding to fathom why another acts as one might.  We can only take responsibility for ourselves, blaming no one person for our view.  Thus I write today to acknowledge my discrepancies, as well as my abilities to “see.”  What I read between the lines is my way of learning that what I think I see is valid only to a certain extent, and that in this dimension, if my “reading between the lines” is based on buying in to the illusions of being in this dimension, then I will always lose my way.  The truth is, I am a spiritual being first, difficult sometimes to remember.

Recently I made an attempt to help my daughter by showing her artwork at an event where I hoped I would make enough sales to help her.  I took it to the max, trying to make the display as lovely as possible.  I spent a month planning and trying to see it in my head, her work displayed for who knows who to see.  I took it terribly seriously, too much, in fact, so that when I encountered what I deemed to be an inconsiderate approach on the part of some, I was hurt, offended, and eventually, quite angered.  The consequence of all this was a huge breakdown in communication and ultimately, an unhappy ending to a relationship I thought was real.  It showed me that I still have so much to learn.

After much consideration, mulling over the relationships I have with others, I realized I have always given too much credit to others and not enough to myself.  I have not been reading between the lines to actually see where I stand with others who are supposedly friends.  The truth is, I have always been too eager to please, too ready to do for others, ignoring the fact that those others have very little regard for me.  I have also realized that I based my reading between the lines on this illusory dimension of time and space, which only leads to confusion, fraudulent relationships, and unhappiness.  My experience at the event turned out to be a real “bummer”.  I lost track of who I truly am and succumbed to taking it all too seriously.  I forgot that I was initially there out of love for my daughter and the urge to share her work with others.

Last week I shipped all artwork back to my daughter.  I have not had a conversation with anyone all day.  I sat and read for several hours from A New Way of Living, my Bible, which reminds me that when I read between the lines, to do so from the foundation of love, as spiritual reality is the only true reality, not founded on time and space and the illusions herein.  I must remember, as well, that I am responsible only for myself.

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