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Fathers Day

  A new day dawning, brain swirling around the significance of Father, am conflicted. Knowing that there are 2000 children being interned by this U.S. Government, ripped away from their mothers and fathers, does not leave me feeling much faith … Continue reading

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That I May Live

Soften my heart, Source of my Being, so that I may live.  Help me to lose this tendency I have toward anger, first off.  When the memories of being bullied, treated badly, abused are fresh, still, in my cells, it … Continue reading

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Motivation and Heart

  “What is it that could be motivating them so much, so much where they have also sacrificed so much for their beliefs, for their agenda, for their evil plot of destruction and their quest for more money, power and … Continue reading

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How Long

How long does it take for the large pot of water to boil, and how long does it take my heart to release the memory of joy known a day ago?  The pot of water heats on the stove so … Continue reading

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