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To Be More Like a Tree

Sunlight filters through the leaves of the trees surrounding this uninhabited cabin in which I sit. Looking out of the screen door that opens onto a porch, the different shades of green of leaves and the gentle breezes through the … Continue reading

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Fathers Day

  A new day dawning, brain swirling around the significance of Father, am conflicted. Knowing that there are 2000 children being interned by this U.S. Government, ripped away from their mothers and fathers, does not leave me feeling much faith … Continue reading

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Learning Discernment

Discernment eludes me, over and over, as I keep subjecting myself to opportunities to determine if whether or not I should believe the words of others. Once again someone appeared on my doorstep with all the good-sounding words of his … Continue reading

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The Goal of Being Happy

Being happy was all that I ever wished to be.  As a child, I was happiest when hanging out with our dogs, or tagging along with my dad out on the ranch.  I was in a learning mode, although I … Continue reading

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Life, Death, Spring

Living life, dealing with death, keeping on in spite of it by getting out of bed to greet another new day, welcoming Spring, is always a mysterious blessing, in my book. At 8:00 A.M. Friday I decided to take Indie … Continue reading

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Love, Affection, or Attention

Recently a friend posted something on Face Book that someone said: “Never chase love, affection, or attention.  If it isn’t given freely by another person it isn’t worth having.”  The affirmation that followed this was: “I value myself and only … Continue reading

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I Am Grateful

I am grateful for:  the brightly shining moon lighting up the dark, wintry, cloudy sky;   my warm single bed and my pillow between my legs, my nuanced imaginings, as I drift off to sleep, of holding you, instead;  my loyal … Continue reading

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Christmas 2012

It is Christmas Eve, early in the morning.  I should make a list of everything that needs doing today, so I am not frantically trying to do everything at once tomorrow.  My older friend and neighbor, Pope, is coming for … Continue reading

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