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September 23, 2017

I hear the voices of little children in my head, screaming with terror, “Mommy, Mommy, what is happening?” I see the little white, well-fed girl and boy looking up at their mother’s face for confirmation that they are going to … Continue reading

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I am waiting for the cake to bake.  It is an “apple dapple” cake, full of sugar, fruit, and nuts.  This morning was wonderfully cool when I opened the front door for my dog.  The rose and azalea I transplanted … Continue reading

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On the Other Side

Back, for the first time in weeks, I have come out on the other side of feeling perplexed, discouraged, and disillusioned.  I still live in the woods, but feel I am finally “out-of-the-woods!” A few weeks back, “Anonymous” sent me … Continue reading

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Christmas 2012

It is Christmas Eve, early in the morning.  I should make a list of everything that needs doing today, so I am not frantically trying to do everything at once tomorrow.  My older friend and neighbor, Pope, is coming for … Continue reading

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