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The Washout

A heavy rain falls. The phone line is unplugged and the WiFi is off. There were tornado warnings announced on the radio earlier. It is early fall, and I am not ready for the cold. However, the rain is welcome, … Continue reading

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Spring Welcomes Rain and Ticks

After what seemed an interminable winter, spring is finally here, with trees and shrubs leafing out everywhere, pollen yellowing the air and dusting the vehicles parked in my driveway. The temperature at night has been pleasant and during the day … Continue reading

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Today we say “Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you for dying!”  I mean, really?  Is this a celebratory occasion worthy of my participation?  Do I really wish to celebrate another person’s deactivation in life? It was supposed to rain yesterday.  I … Continue reading

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Life at the Core

This is the first morning in several days I have not heard rain on the roof, thunder rolling, and lightening crack so nearby and loudly that it makes me jump.  Yesterday we were supposed to meet and have our memorial … Continue reading

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