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Fathers Day

  A new day dawning, brain swirling around the significance of Father, am conflicted. Knowing that there are 2000 children being interned by this U.S. Government, ripped away from their mothers and fathers, does not leave me feeling much faith … Continue reading

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Today we say “Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you for dying!”  I mean, really?  Is this a celebratory occasion worthy of my participation?  Do I really wish to celebrate another person’s deactivation in life? It was supposed to rain yesterday.  I … Continue reading

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Beyond Words

The winter is here, leaving us shut inside, left with only our thoughts, which, given with whom we might share them, might actually be beyond words.  This is where I find myself these days. I just happened on to something … Continue reading

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Up Before Dawn

This morning I was up before dawn.  I have not had any calls to go to work for a week now, and thought that perhaps the office would ring me today.  In order to be ready to go, I would … Continue reading

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Stepping Through the Door

This afternoon I went to the garden to check on things.  The turnips and beets I planted the other day are already sprouting.  The sunflowers are still blooming and the zinnias are too.  I love seeing the colors of red, … Continue reading

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Coming Together

Something I have learned, living far from a city or town, is to conserve.  As gasoline prices have risen this summer, I go to town only for groceries or pet food.  Ordinarily, I check with my neighbor to see if … Continue reading

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Changing My Thoughts

Last night I looked forward to listening to Bill Clinton speak at the Democratic National Convention.  I was open to him possibly influencing my thoughts regarding this election.  I tried to recharge the battery bank so that there would be … Continue reading

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