The Washout

A heavy rain falls. The phone line is unplugged and the WiFi is off. There were tornado warnings announced on the radio earlier. It is early fall, and I am not ready for the cold. However, the rain is welcome, as it has been dry for several weeks. The dust is dampened, the air purified. Breathing is eased.

In the world at large, storms are happening, one after the other, affecting millions. People are losing their homes, many are dying. The elitists who “run” this country are feeling smug and safe. Bob Dylan’s song, “The Times They Are A-Changing” comes to mind. Times are going to get worse before things change for the better. Those who feel they are getting away with whatever they wish will one day rue their arrogance, their ignorance, and their amoral approach to Life.

Time is meaningless. Life is all any of us has, and I believe that things will eventually balance out. Those who are ignoring the ones who have much less than they will wake up one of these mornings and wonder, perhaps, at the roles they played in the destruction of their and our home. At this point, they are asleep, as are those who blindly support them and their unconscionable words and deeds. The day they wake up to their misdeeds may be a bit late, yet awaken they will.

Life is larger than the will of man, and although we are meant to be divine, most of us are not aware of our heritage, that of being co-creators with Infinite Creation/Energy. Right now, the five perversions drive us to do all that we do. Anger (fear), vanity, greed, lust, and materialism are at the root of the lack of conscious awareness. As each of us realizes our deep-set perversions of the mind, may the shock of realization be the catalyst for change and progression to the next step toward the Light, ultimately, All That Is, One.

The storms happen, the washout cleanses with a force beyond the power of man, and afterwards comes the calm. May man breathe clean air once more and find some moments for reflection, meditation, and freedom from the insistent mind chatter, the meaningless goals that are unsustainable. May the Energy of Universal Love permeate the cells of all mankind, originally spiritual beings of Light. The washout is here, now.


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