Up Before Dawn

This morning I was up before dawn.  I have not had any calls to go to work for a week now, and thought that perhaps the office would ring me today.  In order to be ready to go, I would need to bathe, which is a process, as I have no running water, etc.  I put a pot of water to heat, and made coffee. Sitting in my favorite chair with a coffee and a piece of toast I watched the early morning light appear through the leaves in the trees outside my windows.

As I watched my thoughts, I realized I was right at that edge of the abyss, the one where an old thought pattern can trigger depression.  I picked up my “Bible,” one of the volumes out of the 36 books called A New Way of Living, by Ventris Nukayis, and opened it.  The title for chapter 33 was “Overcoming.”  I do not wish to try to summarize it, but this quote pretty much says it all:

““Reality overcomes illusions.  Attitude overcomes facts.
Creation overcomes the illusions on Earth.  Your days are
numbered with time, your place is defined with space, and
your life is defined by neither.  Your life is invincible,
immortal, and eternal.  Neither time nor space have anything
to do with your reality.  On Earth, the things that you desire
and the things of which you dream and hope are of time and
space.  Anything and everything real are of attitude, of love,
of peace, and of joy.  They are not, strictly speaking, things at
all.  They are the intangible and formless realities of Creation.”” 1

Once again, A New Way of Living knew, before I opened the book, my thoughts, and my frequency.  I woke up this morning a little anxious that perhaps I do not have enough money coming in, thus I readied myself to respond to a possible call from the office.  By 8:00 a.m., nobody had called.

I have mixed feelings about contracting out to this group, which is the Arkansas Department of Health.  A year ago, when they mandated that all healthcare workers must receive the flu vaccination, I quit.  They asked me to give them my reasons, and when I printed out the information, which had helped me to decide, they did not even read it.  They do not care to know any more than they think they know.  In other words, one must agree with their program regarding vaccinations.   Any other approach is not valid.  Two things bother me about the vaccination mandate.  First, it seems to me that nobody should have the power to dictate what I allow into my system, to determine whether I may work.  Second, I do not trust the Center for Disease Control and the way it pushes vaccinations.  I have heard too many stories about how individuals had catastrophic reactions to the flu vaccination.  At this point, I am healthy, with an excellent immune system.  Why would I wish to add anything foreign into my body when all is working, as it ought?  It is disconcerting how someone who is fear-ridden may dictate whether I have a “job.”  It is such an underpaid job too!  Therefore, as October comes, I am preparing myself to have no work, minimal, as it has been.  I have absolutely no desire to antagonize my immune system by allowing neurotoxins, mercury preservatives, or lab-altered vaccine viruses into my blood.

Am I basing my decision on fear, or giving too much importance to this physical “reality?”  Maybe I do not even need to earn any money.  I can get by on much less, particularly when I adjust my attitude.  I may leave tomorrow, or be here another twenty years, but how I live each moment depends on my approach.  I may seem stubborn to those folks in the office, but I know I am healthy, so I will stop dwelling on this that creates conflicting thoughts.  I must trust myself to see the best road to travel.

Well, I just received a phone call from the office.  They are asking me to go see three different clients next week, each visit only an hour.  I will go, and I will see people I have helped in the past.  Unless I am powerful enough to practice “mind over matter,” and allow the nurse to stick me with poison, these upcoming “visits” for the Arkansas Department of Health may be some of the last that I do.  It is time to stop worrying about the near future!  I have a full day ahead of me, sunny and cool.



1 Ventris Nukayis, A New Way of Living, Vol.11, Book 33 (Delphi: ANWOL Publishers, 1991). P. 386.



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11 Responses to Up Before Dawn

  1. David Price says:

    This dilemma is very pertinent to life in our world and what it has become. I applaud you for your integrity to refuse–yet again–to be inducted into a fascist and ignorant system.

    And thank you for putting this into words with such straightforward simplicity.

  2. loretta lynn says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts, Tina. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Loretta, I am so glad to share with you! Thanks for visiting!

      • Narendra says:

        I’m also writing to let you know what a perfect experience my girl experienced visiting your web site. She came to find a lot of things, not to mention what it is like to possess an excellent coaching heart to have men and women completely learn about various multifaceted topics. You really surpassed people’s desires. Thanks for delivering such interesting, dependable, revealing as well as cool guidance on that topic to Jane.

  3. Flora Ash says:

    I have been searching for years the websites, amazon, etc. to purchase the remaining books of “A New Way of Living”,This time I typed in books written by Ventris Nukayis and got you. I am so thankful. Would you know how I may purchase the books that are missing from my volumes. I would be ever so grateful if you knew how to purchase them and let me know. I live in Davison, MI, USA. I teach and use these books among many for reference. I stick to mainly the White Brotherhood for learning and teaching from. These are wonderful highly spiritual writings and yes, I also consider these my “Bible”. So will be anxious to hear from you. Much abundance , and warm regards, Flora

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