Voices Calling Out!

One voice in seven billion, how can it make any difference?  This planet populated by at least seven billion people is teetering on the brink of annihilation.  That is what I understand, reading the posts of the few I see online.  Despite all the intelligent souls who are here doing their best to awaken as many as possible to the part each of us plays in this earth drama, it seems, at times, nobody is listening.

At least two individuals I know of are doing their utmost to reach us.  I have listened to Foster Gamble, the creator of the documentary “Thrive” and I am compelled to help him get his message out there.  I wish everyone could see this documentary.  This may be wishful thinking.  Most are not free to spend the time it takes to listen to another’s understanding. Gamble’s movie is full of information he has researched and backed up with his findings.  He presents all of it in a calm manner.  It is a powerful presentation.  My hope is all will see it and be inspired.  He calls us to action.  He gives suggestions as to what each of us can do. I just hope it is not too late.

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
Visit www.thrivemovement.com for more information on THRIVE. THRIVE uses the Yekra player technology. See www.yekra.com for more information.


Another voice I have heard is that of Laura Magdalena Eisenhower.  Dwight Eisenhower was her great grandfather; yes, she has many connections.  She is an amazing voice as she calls on each of us to know ourselves.  She has dropped all fear of those intent on covering up the truth she shares, and is a great example for anyone who thinks they may have no say in how things play out.  Look for her, listen, and listen again.  There are many who are aware of what she is saying, but just like Foster Gamble needs to be heard, so does Laura Magdalena Eisenhower.  Go to her page on Face Book: Laura Magdalena: Cosmic Gaia 2012-Empowering the Positive Timeline

I have not written the last couple of days because I have felt doubt about offering my own voice.  As I do not get any feedback, except from my friend who helped me set up this site, and thus far, three others, it makes me think perhaps it is egotistical of me to think anyone cares to see anything from me.  Why bother, especially when I am not saying anything that is very profound!  Those closest to me, like my family, seem uninterested.  Maybe they also are shrugging their shoulders with the thought, “Oh good grief! She is on her soapbox again.  I know I have heard this all before.  Boring!”

Then, on top of that, I added a “Donate” button!  That was at the suggestion of my mentor, and it has made me feel self-conscious.  It is a garish addition to the aesthetics of my home page, and although any donation is great, it is something I hope does not color anyone’s momentary interest in whatever I might share.  I simply have a desire to connect with others, possibly resonate with another.  Perhaps I am too needy.  Accused of this in the past, such a judgment would not surprise me.

Who are we?  Are we just going to continue being so indifferent to what is going on?  Each of us has a part to play to bring back the balance and harmony we need to live.  It is a struggle to find balance and harmony in our own lives, much less to think we have any say at all, regarding what happens world wide.  I am just one voice in over seven billion.  Where is yours?  Can we bring about the change we need in our lives?  I hope so!

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